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With a clear focus on the industrial and foodservice sectors, at Ornua Ingredientes España our principal objective is to grow together with our customers by consistently providing innovative, quality dairy solutions that meet their needs. Using our product formulation and quality production know-how, we strive to co-design solutions together with our customers and to generate long term, sustainable commercial relationships.

We have a wide variety of product formats, detailed below.


Our fresh Mozzarella is renowned throughout Spain as one of the highest quality products on the market. Using fresh dairy ingredients and our formulation and production expertise, the final prduct has optimal functional and organoleptic properties, making it a superior quality ingredient for use in pizza production and other foodservice applications.

One of our latest product launches in this category is our new lactose-free mozzarella- ask our sales team for more details.


Block / Loaf


Formats: Grated (4 x4 x 4) – 1 kilo chilled, 2.5 kilos, 3 kilos, Loaf (1 kilo), Block (9 kilos)

Processed Cheese

Processed cheese is a product obtained through a melting, blending and emulsifying process, made from a one or more varieties of cheeses with or without the addition of milk, dairy ingredients and other food ingredients. We supply a wide variety of processed cheeses which provide added-value functionalities for our customers such as high-melt, low-melt, stretch,slicing and cooking properties etc. All our processed cheeses are made with fats derived from dairy, butter or cream.

An example of our latest launch in this product category is our new processed goats’ cheese- ask our sales team for more details.


Block / Loaf


Formats: Grated (4 x4 x 4) 1 kilo, 2.5 kilos, 3 kilos, Loaf (3 to 5 kilos), Block (10 kilos)

Analogue Cheese

Different to processed cheese, our analogue product provide a cost-engineered benefit to our customers looking for high quality, functional cheese solutions. All of our analogue cheeses are made with trans-free fats, resulting in a high quality product with great functional, organoleptic and nutritional qualities. These products are ideal for foodservice customers and come in a variety of formats, detailed below.


Block / Loaf


Formats: Grated (4 x4 x 4) 1 kilo, 2.5 kilos, 3 kilos, Loaf (3 to 5 kilos), Block (10 kilos)

Natural and Processed Cheese Blends

Made with a variety of different cheeses, both natural and processed, our cheese blends offer high quality, flavour and functional characteristics- at the price our customers’ need to be competitive in the market. With products from Mozzarella/Analgoue blends (a popular low-cost solution), to natural 3 cheese, 4 cheese and 5 cheese blends, these products are designed to meet our customers specific flavour, functionality, organoleptic and requirements.
To mention some but not all the varieties available we have Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Emmental, Provolone, Edam, Gouda, and many more- we are always open to work with any cheese variety our customers require, to meet their value-added product needs through constant innovation.

Four Cheese Blends

Five Cheese Blends


Formats: Grated (4 x 4 x 4 ) 1 kilo, 2.5 kilos, 3 kilos

Creme Fraiche

Made daily with fresh, AA quality milk, and fermented and pasteurized, our creme fraiche product is an award-winning, superior quality product (recently awarded the Gold Award for best product in its category at the 2015 International Cheese Awards. This product is ideal for us in sauces, on pizzas and in other foodservice applications.

Creme Fraiche

Cream for Sauces

Formats: 1.5 kilos, 2.5 kilos

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