Ornua Co-Operative Ltd.

Ornua Ingredientes España

Our Mission & Vision

Our purpose is to build sustainable routes to market for Irish dairy products, safeguarding the future prosperity of Irish dairy farmers. It is this mission that keeps us ‘on course’ toward the future that we describe in our vision.
Ornua’s vision is to become a leading global dairy organisation, rewarding our customers, consumers and shareholders by delivering value through:

Our Values

Nuestros-ValoresAt Ornua, we aspire to be the world’s preferred choice for dairy. Our entrepreneurial mind-set and rich dairy heritage gives substance to this shared ambition. With such ambition comes a commitment to embrace change and work hard, with our eyes on the future and our feet firmly rooted on the ground.


We never compromise on the integrity of our products. We are committed to looking closer, digging deeper and working harder to ensure our dairy products are made with respect. Respect for the cow. Respect for the environment. Respect for our communities.


It is not just personal pride and passion in our work that sets us apart, it is the trust we place in each other to create something stronger and better for the prosperity of all. We are open and honest with each other, share our knowledge, work collaboratively and challenge each other to find a better way.

confianza We pride ourselves in making top quality products that are the result of generations of dairy expertise. And from farm to fork, each one of us has a responsibility to maintain this quality standard. Quality in everything we do is the unique taste of Irish dairy.

Our Factory

MozzarellaBlock, Loaf, Grated & Sliced
Processed Cheese
Processed CheeseBlock, Laof, Grated and Sliced
Analogue Cheese
Analogue CheeseBlock, Loaf, Grated and Sliced



Luxtor opens in Madrid (Móstoles). Mozzarella Cheese Production


Processed cheese production begins in Ávila (Hervencias) under the name “Golden Fun”


Factory in Móstoles is closed


Mozzarella production is set up in Avila (current site) for Telepizza


Processed cheese production is moved to current site in Vicolozano, Ávila


“Golden Fun” production ceased in factory in Hervencias, AvilaContent


Factory is acquired by Irish Dairy Board Co-Operative Ltd, name change to” Irish Dairy Board España”


Irish Dairy Board Co-Operative Ltd. becomes “Ornua Co-Operative Ltd.”, IDB España becomes “Ornua Ingredientes España”