Ornua Ingredientes España Media & Website Statement

Ornua Ingredientes España provides the following update on the fire which has severely damaged its mozzarella production facility in Avila, Spain.

For safety reasons the site remains locked down and accordingly it will be several days before the assessment teams are in a position to fully survey the extent of damage and assess next steps.  In the interim, Ornua Ingredientes España continues to engage with staff and their representatives and it has committed to continuing to pay staff until a long-term plan for the business is formulated.

The Ornua Business Continuity Plan has been implemented and staff are working, in Spain and throughout Europe, to ensure that Ornua Ingredientes España customers product requirements are met.  We would like to thank our staff for their dedication and resilience at this time.

Ornua has existing milk supply agreements in place with a number of farmer suppliers. We intend to honour these contracts in full.

Ornua would like to thank the Emergency Services for their hard work at the scene of the fire.  We would also like to acknowledge the assistance and support of National, Regional and Local Government and the Local Chamber of Commerce.  Finally, we would like to thank our neighbours for their patience and support.

Welcome to Ornua Ingredientes España

At Ornua Ingredientes España we are one of the largest manufacturers of Mozzarella in Spain, as well as being specialists in the production and packing of processed cheese, analogue cheese and a variety of natural cheese blends. With 20 years’  experience in the Spanish market, our great team of professionals enable us to manufacture products of excellent quality, which are highly valued by our customers. One of our strengths is our capacity for innovation and new product development, which are co-designed with our customers with the objective of growing our businesses together.

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Our products

With a clear focus on the industrial and foodservice sectors, at Ornua Ingredientes España our principal objective is to grow together with our customers by consistently providing innovative, quality dairy solutions that meet their needs. Using our product formulation and quality production know-how, we strive to co-design solutions together with our customers and to generate long term, sustainable commercial relationships.
We have a wide variety of product formats, detailed below.


Grated Mozzarella

Mozzarella Block / Loaf


Processed Cheese

Grated Processed Cheese

Processed Cheese Block / Loaf

Processed Cheese Slices

Analogue Cheese

Grated Analogue Blends

Analogue Block / Loaf

Analogue Slices

Other Products

Natural Cheese Blend

Creme Fraiche

Cream for Sauces

Our Site

Our factory was founded in in Móstoles, Madrid in 1991. Seven years later, production was moved to the site in Ávila and was acquired by Ornua in August 2014. Currently we we have over 90 employees, a number of brands and a variety of different processed and natural cheeses which are sold in various international markets.

Our site is split into two factories; one for Mozzarella production and another for processed and analogue cheese. Including chilled and frozen storage, the site covers over 15,000m2.

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What we do

Ornua Co-Operative Ltd.


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Ornua Co-Operative Ltd.

Our purpose is to build sustainable routes to market for Irish dairy products, safeguarding the future prosperity of Irish dairy farmers.

We are an agri-food commercial co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of our members, Ireland’s dairy processors and Irish dairy farmers. Headquartered in Dublin, we employ some 3,000 people globally and are responsible for circa 60% of Ireland’s dairy exports to over 100 countries with annualised sales of over €2 billion.

We are the proud owner of the Kerrygold brand which is found in shops and homes around the world. Our brand portfolio also includes Pilgrims Choice, Dubliner cheese, MU, and BEO, a popular milk powder sold in Africa. We have pre-packing and blending facilities located in Germany, the UK, the USA and the Middle East and extensive R&D experience, developing bespoke food ingredient solutions for many of the world’s major food manufacturers.

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